Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Fave 5 - May 18, 2012

HEY!!! LOOK AT ME!!!   
I'M BLOGGING my Friday's Fave 5 ON FRIDAY!!! 
 Here are some of my favorite moments from this week:
1- We had our Shalom Reader's Club Day.  I linked my post so you can go check it out if you desire.
2-  I have been working at prepping our Summer and Fall school work.  I'm quite excited to start working on our Core B Science from Sonlight this summer and our Core C History from Sonlight for next fall.  (Here are some of my history plans.) 

3-  Today we took a field trip to visit a historic watch tower on top of a very steep hill in a nearby town.  My kids have wanted to climb to the top of the tower for a very long time but it is closed from October until May.  I needed some pictures take of me in a dress for a review and so I thought we could do the field trip and Otto could help take pictures of me.  It worked quite well.  Oh, but Gracie threw a fit as we entered the tower.  We were the only ones within miles and so I ended up taking her to the van with all the doors and windows open so that she could rest with her blankie in the shaded, breezy van.  

4- Receiving my dress and being over the moon as I think about how to work the review up has been an awesome part of my week.
5-  Lack of Sleep and being excessively tired has been a big part of this week too.  There is so much I want to do.  So much I need to do yet I find myself unable to settle down at night or find just one more thing I really want to do while the kids are quiet before I go to bed.  I must get better at getting to bed EARLIER this coming week.

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Susanne said...

My kids would have loved climbing to the top of a tower like that too. Love the picture of you on the trail. Such a pretty area.

Do you do school throughout the summer?

Faith said...

sounds like a productive busy week for you! love the pics from your field trip...lovely!! Enjoy the weekend and hope you have restful peaceful sleep!

Kristi said...

I do homeschool through the summer to a point. Our state requires a specific amount of hours and lists a line of topics we are to teach. There are no other requirements and no one is legally allowed to "check up" on us.

We school in a very relaxed manner. We have stayed on grade level but I more motivated by the plan to just keep moving forward, instead of having specific goals and target dates. Our hours go way above and beyond what is required so when we feel like we need a day off we take it. If we feel like we've had too many days off we work through the weekend or the day before or after a major holiday.

We relax a bit in the summer but we keep moving forward. I find longer breaks are hard to come back from for my oldest both academically and with attitude. This summer my goals are to review math often (1 or more times a week) and really work at getting our facts into our memory (+,-, x). We have done little science all year and now I have my SL core so I think we are going to focus mostly on science and both my 7 and 5 year old are on the edge of a huge catapult in regards to reading. I think by the end of the summer my oldest might actually be found READING HIS OWN chapter BOOK! His younger brother is just starting to read words out of books without me being present.......we will continue to move forward in reading as well.

I might drop grammar and history. Spelling I think we might hit one lesson or so a week and keep moving it progressively too.

Fall Harvest time is the time when my children get their BIG LONG break. I find I can do NOTHING while I am processing food other than keep us fed and process food. So when everyone else *goes back* to school we will have our longer break for the year. Until then we will school when we want to/need to and laze or work when we don't.

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