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What to do with those Flower Bags from Valentine's Day?

Did any of you get flowers for Valentine's Day?
Did they come in one of those clear triangular bags?
If so, I hope you didn't toss away the bag because back in July of 2010 I blogged about a super fun craft the kids can do with those bags.

A Fishy Craft

JULY 31, 2010

Wednesday was the last session of summer Story Time at our library. 

Make a Splash at the Library! was the theme.

I love our library.  Our librarians are so lenient.  The summer program is for school aged children who are going into Kindergarten or older.   YET..... they gladly let younger sibs sit in on the story reading and on occasion let them participate in the craft activities.

Now, I personally LOVE crafts.  BUT... I REALLY HATE doing crafts with my kids.  I am meticulous, organized, neat and purposeful.  If ANYONE has done art or crafts with a barely 6 year old and 3.5 year you KNOW that doing crafts and art is NOT any of the adjectives above!

So one reason why I REALLY LOVE story time is that I can count their programing as school in both the language arts AND art categories!  LOVE THAT!

This past Wednesday they finished up 5 weeks of learning about all things water by reading Swimmy and The Rainbow Fish.  THEN.... there was a special librarian visitor from a nearby metro who brought A TON of crafting supplies.  I saw the table when we got there and drooled.  Sparkly crinkle shreds, tons of tissue paper in every color under the sun, paint brushes, staplers, modge podge and more!

WHAT WAS THE CRAFT GOING TO BE??  AND how was I going manage an overly tired 20 month old girl with a 3 year old in a 4 year old's body as he would surely throw a fit when I told him that the craft was ONLY for the big kids.

They made fish!
AND...... they let the kids make 2 and 3 fish 
and younger sibs were welcome to craft as well.  :)

It is so hard to see these pictures, I'm sorry. 
But they were SO easy and fun to make I wanted to talk you through it.

I unfortunately do not have pictures of the assembly process, nor do I have the supplies at home in order to take new pictures but the supplies are easy to come by (I would think a grocery store with a florist would GLADLY donate a few bags and sticks).  They are SO CUTE.  I hope you will be able to figure out my directions.

The body of the fish was made out of a small triangular florist bag like the one shown here.

You then take 3 or 4 single sheets of tissue paper and wad them up loosely.  
You decide which one you want at the tail and you put that in the bag first.
Then you put the rest in loosely.
Now the creative part happens.  You grab ribbons and streamers and crinkle shreds and anything else that will make the inside of the fish pretty and you stick your hand inside the fish, along the sides and place the pretties so that they can be seen in front of the tissue paper along the sides of the fish.

Now it is time to close the head of the fish.  Grab a stapler and tuck the ends into the center and staple.  Keep tucking and stapling (like a seam) until the entire wide end is closed.

On the top picture above you can actually see my seam.  It almost looks white in this picture.  In reality it is still kind of see through.

Next, you grab ribbons and tie the tail.  So you push the tissue paper INTO the fish a bit.  Grab the pointed end so you have a little tail, then tie the ribbons around the area you have grabbed.
Sorry for the blur!

Now your fish is securely closed.  It is now time to put the outside fins on.
So you grab a small wad of tissue paper or foil paper or whatever you find and you staple it onto the top and bottom edges.

The fish on the left has YELLOW eyes and a pink fin on the bottom with one lonely green foil fin on top.  It is Otto's and I am no longer able to micromanage his work to make it more exciting.  LOL

The other fish has blue eyes (both fish are looking left).  It has pink and blue fins on top and a fin on the bottom that I can't see here and I can't remember what color it is (green maybe?).

Then this really cool librarian had taken some of this streamer stuff and had cut it into 1 inch pieces!  These are what the fish have for side fins!

At Story Time she had the kids use Modge Podge to do the side fins and eyes.

I found that clear packing tape worked quite nicely.

So, if you have closed the fish, tied a tail, attached eyes, fins on top and bottom, side fins then you are ready for the last step.

Turning it into a puppet (or tying it to a carrying stick).

She had plastic balloon sticks like what you see in this link.

She took a LONG ribbon.  Stapled it to the fish then tied it to the bouncy plastic stick.  This allowed the kids to make the fish swim.  (I found a little piece of clear tape over the ribbon secured it to the stick, other wise the knot falls down toward the hand holding it.)
Please note: the girlie INSISTED upon wearing big brother's muscle shirt.  
The Girl shirt below it is SUPER CUTE.

I took Girlie's off the stick, wrapped a paper clip around the ribbon a couple of times and wedged the paper clip in between some wood above her closet. 

She points it out to me every time I go to get her from her crib!
Pink eye...and obviously I did not staple the top ribbon in the center as this fish will always swim down.  :)

The boys have not yet destroyed theirs yet....but I am expecting it to happen soon.
That's just what they do.
Big yellow eye.
I hope my instructions make some sort of sense.  It is so hard to take pictures of these since they reflect so much light from the flash.  They are SO CUTE and super easy with just a little bit of supplies.

I bet you could use a large clear plastic bag (the corner) to do the same.  
You also could use ANY supplies to stuff and decorate with.  Any stick would do as well.  I am very tempted to dig into my supply box and put google eyes on the fish..... but as quickly as I think they will be destroyed, I think this time I will pass on this one.

Happy crafting.


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