Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Mighty Fine Green Bean Bounty

Are you all sick of hearing about my canning updates??


Sometimes blogging is so lonely.  Sometimes I blog and see no comments.  
I KNOW some of you (*ahem: KIM*) are reading but it feels like I am typing to the wind some days.... oh well!

Okay.  Canning update: 18.5 more quarts of green beans
Total: close to 80 quarts!  :)   I am excited about that tally.  It means I most likely will not have to buy any beans from the store this year.

Love, love, really love.


Chris said...

I love this. I really am going to get a pressure canner one of these days. Thinking about trying pickled green beans in my water bath canner this year -- we'll see!

Jenn Wadholm said...

I may not post often, but I DO read every blog you write. ;) Good job on your green bean harvest!

mrsd said...

That is sooo awesome! If I had 5 qts. of green beans I would ration them all winter and just not buy any on principle! You're inspiring;) Thanks.

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