Sunday, November 21, 2010

Praying for our Children Calendar

My friend Nikki at Joy in the Journey pointed out a great resource to help me start praying for my children.

It is a prayer calendar that can be used every month. It is not labeled with specific months but merely is a chart in calendar format with dates numbered 1-31.  Each day contains a focus, a scripture verse and the reference.  It is sweet, simple and easy to use and reuse.

Nikki has been using it for 7 years now.  How AMAZING is that?!?

Sometimes it just takes a little bit of kindling to get a fire started and I think this calendar might just be the starter that I need to re-ignite active prayer specifically for my children.

I prayed quite a lot during my pregnancies but since then have gone through phases of increased and decreased prayer.

I accidentally printed one copy in gray tones and will place that in my bathroom where I might be able to see it through gunky morning eyes while I brush my teeth.  I also printed a color copy and put it on top of my Homeschooling binder that holds my weekly schedule and school day plans.  That way if I didn't manage to actually see out of my contacts while in the bathroom I will have it right on top and will see it before school starts, or while math problems are being worked on or the letter "B" is being colored and diced to pieces with scissors.

I am excited to find this tool.  Thank you Nikki.


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