Monday, November 29, 2010

Flashback to Fall Harvest - Dehydrated Tomatoes

Hello. I'm still working my way through pictures that I took when I was buried in produce this past fall.

Today I am going to share with you my dehydrated tomatoes.

My husband LOVES dehydrated tomatoes.  We usually soak them for a bit in olive oil or water to soften them and then toss them into pasta coated in a smidgen of oil and spices or we throw them on top of pizzas.  He says they are "YUM."

I break out into hives with tomatoes....  and tend to only subject myself to such itching for tomato sauce items like LASAGNA!!!

Any tomato will work but we find they shrink quite considerably and so larger is often better.  We planted only Roma and cherry tomatoes this year so I ended up slicing my Roma's lengthwise to help with the size issue.

Step one: Wash and then set out to finish ripening.

Step two: cut into slices and place on dehydrator tray.

Step three:  Turn on dehydrator to the setting it suggests and wait until they are dry.  Once crispy peel them off from tray and place in reusable jars.  This is what I do with spaghetti sauce jars that we had to buy from the year before.  They seal nicely but are not suitable for "canning."  They are air tight and food, if dried properly (and no moisture remains), will keep for a very long time.
Waste not, want not.


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