Friday, June 11, 2010


Once upon a time, a few months ago a friend posted an invite on her facebook to tryout for TOS (The Old Schoolhouse) Crew.  I bombarded her with questions and it sounded amazing.  Basically TOS Crew is an opportunity to receive homeschool curriculum for free to review.  These reviews are then posted in various locations (blog, forums, facebook, twitter, word of mouth) as a means of promoting the product.  DID I MENTION FREE HOMESCHOOL TOOLS, TOYS AND CURRICULUM???  It all comes from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  :)

So I tried out by writing two reviews and I'm in.

I've signed up on the super secret, super private TOS Crew forum.

I've printed off my TOS Crew Handbook and read the first two pages (you know before the little people started to give me the impression they were ready for bed).

I've even had two TOS FIRST MATES visit my blog!  AMAZING that ANYONE visits MY pathetic and very ugly blog.  (I'm hoping to get help for that!)  And I am curious as to who MY First mate will be....

I have a new place to learn a ton about homeschooling......errrr, ummmm... in the last 2 days I have learned some out there prefer the term: home educating.

I have had new facebook friends

I have had new twitter friends, oh wait.  Ummm what is if someone likes you on Twitter.  OH!  They FOLLOW you.  (I'm hoping to get help for Twitter too.)

There is much excitement in the TOS world.  It's kinda weird.  You know weird in a invasive but fascinating way.

Which reminds me of the title of this blog and the part where I start to get all my day's words out.  :)   As a kid I was more of a tom boy than a girlie girl.  (I am changing however into a nice girly farm girl.)   I grew up playing with the only kids I knew in my area: two boys!  They would try to gross me out and I would thicken my skin and prove that I could be as big of a tom-boy as they could be a boy!  They would throw insects at me and I would watch them fall and be fascinated that such little creatures were made so complexly, so magnificently, so perfectly.  You know, multiple colors, perfect body proportions and the tiniest joints you've ever seen.  I LOVED BUGS AS A KID.  I loved them more in college studying them in my science classes and realizing that every tiny little part of them is perfectly created!  I love teaching children how bugs are not for us to be afraid of but rather how helpful, beneficial and usually not harmful.

So when I say this next part, you are out there reading   ---my new fellow TOS Crewmates---   please do not be offended. . . . . but, 

you all are kind of creeping into my life like a bunch of fascinating, invasive bug like critters.  

I'm a wee bit alarmed at all the corners I keep finding you but then I stop and look and see very unique, wonderfully made critters that I can't wait to meet and work with (like an ant farm... tee hee). 

I have not been around long enough for any of you critters to bite me yet.... then I might have a different opinion. 

OR....... perhaps if I do get bitten or stung I will realize that it is my fault...much like a person being stung by stepping on a ground bee.  I apologize in advance for I do tend to speak my mind and those who are more delicate when it comes to accidental shoe prints might get squished a bit.  However, something tells me there are sheriff bugs around to keep me in line when I start to step a bit too hard.  Just a feeling that I have.

So, to my fellow TOS peoples, thank you for letting me stare and acclimate to your critterness at first.  I promise, once I start to flap my wings you will rarely wonder what I'm up to.  The only thing I usually leave people wondering is what crazy, odd, bizarre thing I might say or do next.  Just like catching a bug....  it's all a matter of snapping the next witty comment out there quickly while no one is suspecting it.  :)


momma24 said...

I can't believe I was chosen for the Crew either! It is a little overwhelming with how much chatter is going on at the forum. :) Nice to 'meet' you!

Tim @ Families Again said...

I here there is a new species of bug out there called a "Tinkelbug". Thankfully this one doesn't bite or sting so I think folks are safe around it :-).

Debra said...

#1 - your blog is not pathetic.

#2 - you've had way more than two First Mates visit your blog

#3 - the analogy is great. I come from a family of entomologists. I don't particularly like bugs, but wow, the analogy is great. And yes, the Crew does pretty much invade every little corner of your life, or it can. But wow, has it been an amazing time getting to know all these fascinating creatures.

#4 - you will do great. Really.

Brenda Emmett said...

I really think this will be a fun year!

I LOVE your bug analogy. Very cute and true.

Oh, and your blog is not ugly or pathetic. We chose you and Heidi and I don't do ugly or pathetic. LOL!

SisterTipster said...

I happen to like brown...and sooo it's not pathetic~girl, we all crawled before we ran! Hang in there! You will learn all about everything! So glad to "meet" you and read your sense of wack! LOVE IT!
See you on the Crew!

It's going to be fun!!

Cara (aka Temberton) said...

Hi Kristi, I was reading random posts on the super secret forum and your post caught my eye. You make me laugh! I'm a first-timer too (Older Crew) and I look forward to the voyage. I haven't gotten very involved in the "chatter" - too busy. But, everyone will probably want to be rid of me when my life gets back to a "normal" summer schedule in mid-July. Between now and then, I'll spend a week at camp with my DD *and* about 12 days in TN. Phew!

I'm a pretty new blogger myself. I started blogging in late '09. I share your frustrations with wanting a "beautiful blog" and not knowing how to fix it. LOL! I use Wordpress, so I don't think I can be of much help to you. (It looks like you're using Blogger, right?)


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